Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Positive Spin On The Knicks: Child, Please!

After the Knicks recent slide and last two comeback wins, in the interest of fairness, we're going to take a step back, and look at an overview of what is actually working for the team, and possibilities for the playoffs.

1. Team shootarounds before practice: Two shootarounds, two wins. This seems to have created a bit more cohesion between teammates. Makes sense because they were thrown together mid- season and need some time to get to know each other, even if it is just shooting around. They certainly have looked better - from awful to... ok, but improved nonetheless.

2. Carmelo's recent all-around play: No doubt Carmelo has played lights out, even passing, and, gasp....defense! The only flaw in his game now is still too much isolation, but if he can curb that, and keep up the stellar play, I will have to change the name of this blog, and believe me, nothing would make me happier. Well, a few million dollars in my pocket would do the trick, but I digress...

3.  A few days off: This could be the best thing to happen to the Knicks since the Andy and Landry show...ummm...well, you can't deny that they have rapport with each other, and the team needs some time off to heal and practice together. This could mean more than anything, because chemistry, as I've written about numerous times here, is the most important aspect of the game that the Knicks are lacking right now. This is critical. The Knicks must get everyone involved on offense, and not just the big three. The team concept has to sink in, or they will sink. "Come Together" by the Beatles should be playing non-stop in the locker room.

4.  Keep up the positive attitude: Everyone around the beat seems more upbeat. Even when things have gotten rough in the last two fourth quarters, they have "come together" and finished the game with solid play. This is a good sign,a nd a complete turnaround from the horrible fourth quarter play of most of March. It's a new month, and April will be a better month for Knick fans as long as they keep it going. And if not, April showers bring May flowers. What? I can't be rosy here? HEY...This point is about having a positive attitude. Give me a break, as Warner Wolf would say...

5. Health: The Knicks are pretty healthy and that's a real blessing. Other than Shawne Williams' back, there doesn't seem to be any major injuries and Chauncey's leg will hopefully improve with time. As I've said before, "Mr. Big Shot" is the number one guy that really needs to improve on his lackluster play since the injury. In the playoffs, he's a monster, and I think we all hope to expect that from him.

6. Keep Clyde as color man forever: When Clyde passes away, they need to have a Clyde robot replace him, swishin' and dishin' the lines. Has there ever been a more entertaining color man in the business? Cool, as always. Clyde forever...

Well that's about it for today. If you have any other positives we should look at, please let me know. I'm going to enjoy today before I turn to writing more sarcasm after tomorrow's game. But who knows, maybe the Knicks will actually BEAT the worst team in the league for once. Believe it or not, this is a must win for this Knick team. They need to keep it going and not take a step back.

0-4 vs. the Cavaliers??? Child, Please.

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