Sunday, April 17, 2011

Playoff Halftime Blog: 51-39 Knicks

Did D'Antoni read my last post? Because the Knicks have done everything I suggested. They have moved the ball around, kept it up-tempo, laid back on Rondo, and played aggressive, hustling defense. They have out played and out hustled the Celtics.

Knicks have done everything right. You can't ask for a better half, but that's what worries me. the Celtics are playing poorly- too poorly. I'm sure they will be angry in the locker room and come out like porn stars who haven't had sex in a month...HUNGRY!

In the second half. the Knicks better not let up for a minute, because this is looking too good right now. However, if the Knicks can keep it up, they can take this game, and threaten the Celtic's somewhat fragile psyche....

Stay tuned.

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