Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Knicks win 4th in a row, but defense is still a question

Well the Knicks beat the Raptors handily, but they should.
I've been a bit short on time the past few days but wanted to chime in here.

This was another good win, but ging up 118 points to the Raptors is dangerous. 118 to the Raptors means 150 vs. the 76ers! :)

The Knicks will have to play SOLID defense tonight. This is a playoff type game and if the Knicks don't bring it from the opening buzzer, they will lose. Anything less than 100% effort from every one of these guys will be an embarrassment. They are playing for the #6 spot in the playoffs. New York is 39-38 and trails Philadelphia (40-38) by a half a game. This is a big deal. Let's get it done.



“I thought we did a great job of getting the ball out fast, getting stops first and foremost, getting the ball out and running...Melo got hot obviously in that first half and he was rolling and we just kind of fed off his energy and his shots.”

Coach Mike D’Antoni, on tonight's game:

“It’s just something we want to do...I don’t know if it’s important or not, I don’t think we’ll know until we look back on it, and you might not even know then. So it’s just that tonight, they’re playing well, (Philadelphia is a) hard team on the road, let’s learn to try to win on the road, let’s keep building on what we got.”


“It’s going to be a big game (Wednesday) night, a very important game for us...We’re really trying to make a push to move up the standings. And so Philly’s playing well, and we owe them boys.”

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