Monday, April 18, 2011

Knicks lose Billups and game

Well, I think my halftime blog post said it all. The Knicks regressed without Billups in there at the end. During the last minute of the game, they let up, and just like I said, they lost. In that final minute, they actually looked like they did a few weeks ago during the losing streak... mental lapses and succumbing to the pressure. It was an ugly end to a great game.

Let's hope they have learned something from this.

Carmelo had 5 turnovers (gasp) and 5 made baskets. I don't blame him for taking the shot at the buzzer though. that's what he is here for. I don't think he should have taken the contested three point shot though. He should have drove and gotten a better shot off. he had a turrible game, as Charles would say. Turrible.

Billups will probably miss game two, so I don't think they have much of a chance without him, though while he was in there for game one, he disappointed. Both he and Carmelo did not play a good game. Amare carried them in game one.

Carmelo had better come to play in game two. Otherwise it's 0-2.

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