Friday, March 25, 2011

The ghost of Michael Jordan makes another appearance at the Garden

After tonight's Knick 102-96  loss to the Bucks, Brandon Jennings was asked about why he played so well, and he exclaimed "I love New York". Interestingly enough, the Knicks passed over him in the 2009 draft for Jordan Hill. I'm sure Brandon took delight in doing his own Jordan imitation, though it wasn't Jordan Hill he was channeling.

The Knicks have a habit of making average players look like Michael Jordan. Last week it was Tyler Hansbrough. Tonight it was Brandon Jennings (No disrespect to Brandon). Indeed, he played a great game, even dominating vs. an inconsistent Knick defense. One moment looking like a hustling, energetic solid defensive squad, pressuring, stealing, blocking and doing all the little things required to be great, and the next moment, leaving the middle wide open for a Truck Robinson to drive through.

Not that the defense was to blame for this loss. It was a team loss, as they say in football. The Knicks shot less than 25% in the fourth quarter. Can you really expect to win that way? Meanwhile the Bucks shot 51% for the game, and 50% from deep. This Buck team happens to be the worst shooting team in the league, proving my point of the Knicks being the worst defensive team in the league.

Everyone seems to be coming around to my way of thinking, so, me being the contrarian I am, I'll try to be a bit more upbeat about this Knick team...

I do think the Knicks will still make the playoffs (probably as the 8th seed).
(5 minutes have gone by)
Remember when Shawne Williams really hustled trying to make a block from behind, and almost made the play and showed all that hustle and desire?
Remember when Melo made that steal in the backcourt and scored?
Remember when AC gave the Knicks all that energy off the bench?
Remember when the Knicks had that run at the end of the game?
That was awesome.

For moments at a time, the Knicks can beat anyone, and a game is made up of moments. The Knicks just don't put enough of those moments together to make a difference. They need consistency more than anything.

Consistency in moving the ball around for the open shot, and not going one on four.
Consistency in defensive assignments, and not changing defensive philosophy every game.
Consistency in avoiding mental mistakes, and make no mistake, these Knicks lead the league in mental mistakes. They don't seem to keep a cool head and make intelligent decisions.
and the #1 thing...
Consistency of effort.

Consistency in the basics leads to competency, which leads to chemistry.
And with chemistry, the Knicks can beat anyone.

Without it, Michael Jordan's ghost will be making a lot more guest appearances through the rest of this Knicks season.

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  1. This season is a waste. With or without Carmelo, the Knicks will still be first round losers. If they get a nice defensive center and a wing defender, in addition to having a full training camp together, they will be better next year.